Chelsea After Sandy: How The Art World Was Affected By The Hurricane (PHOTOS)

Art World After The Storm

Hurricane Sandy is over, but the devastating storm left floods, power outages and transportation devastation in its wake. Inspired by this terrific GalleristNY quote roundup detailing the New York art crowd's coping strategies during the height of the storm, we did some check-ins of our own. Scroll down to see photos of Sandy's damage below.

Here's what reps from a few of our favorite art spots had to say.

"We were extremely lucky. The surge came across tenth avenue and stopped literally few inches from our gate about 10 pm and then reversed. We have a totally flooded basement -- no heat no power -- but there was no damage to our art."
-Postmasters Gallery

"The New Museum is downtown so currently within the grid without power. Our team is working full force as resources become available. We will not open [on Wednesday] or host the Costume Party event due to lack of power. Because of this, our email and phone server is currently inactive. There is no damage to the museum or any artworks."
-New Museum

"At my end, I know that Hauser & Wirth’s contractors were at the construction site of the gallery’s new mega-space on W. 18th Street and reported that – THANKS TO THE GODS! - there was no damage to anything because the new venue (opening January) is on the second floor. But they said that there were a couple feet of water in most of the nearby galleries."
-Andrea Schwan, representing Hauser & Wirth

While we commend the spirit of our sources, we're wondering where all the art divas were at. No complaints about being detached from an iPhone? We feel a little (only a little) deprived. Witness one of the amazing quotes in the GalleristNY piece, from dealer Bill Powers:

Or this poetic distress signal from good ol' Klaus Biesenbach, MoMA PS1 director: “I cannot open the balcony door at the moment. The wind is too strong.

Yes Klaus, the wind was too strong! That's what all the fuss was about! For more juicy details, including a story about penis candles, and a Chelsea resident's description of the "doll house" exposed by the collapse of a nearby building's facade, head to the GalleristNY roundup.

And please alert us to any art galleries in need of assistance by e-mailing us at For information on how you can help with hurricane relief, click here.

See more photos of Sandy below:

Hurricane Sandy

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