Twitter Was NOT Pleased With Chelsea Clinton's Spinach Pancakes

Would you eat them?

To celebrate National Pancake Day on Tuesday ― a day that should occur more than once a year ― Chelsea Clinton tweeted out that she made pancakes for her children.

Though her tweet seems innocent enough, Twitter quickly found two things to pick apart. First, the fact that they’re green. Second, the fact that they’re made with spinach.

Clinton also tweeted out her recipe for the pancakes upon request:

As you can probably imagine, Twitter pretty much freaked out over the polarizing pancakes.

Some people were NOT happy:

And only a few were willing to give the pancakes a try:

Is this pancake a metaphor for politics? Probably not. But putting vegetables in pancakes is certainly nothing new.

Internationally, vegetable pancakes are almost the norm. Potato pancakes are a staple in many European and Middle Eastern cuisines, and in Korea, pajeon are pancakes made with green onions. Here in the U.S., Jessica Seinfeld started a revolution for parents who need to sneak vegetables into their kids’ diets, adding beets to her pancakes. Even Paula Deen, queen of all things butter and bacon, makes a version of pancakes made with carrots and zucchini.

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