Chelsea Clinton: Hillary's Nomination Gives Young Girls Something To Dream About

“I think it’s really hard for any of us to imagine what we can’t see."

PHILADELPHIA – Chelsea Clinton touched on the significance of her mother, Hillary Clinton, becoming the first woman to lead a major party’s ticket just hours before the nomination became official Tuesday night.

Clinton admitted being “deeply biased” toward her mother while speaking at the “Cocktails & Conversation” event hosted by Facebook and Glamour Magazine at the Democratic National Convention. She said Hillary Clinton’s nomination for president gives young girls something to dream about.

“I think it’s really hard for any of us to imagine what we can’t see,” Clinton said. “And so I just am really proud that little girls will be able to redirect their imaginations in other ways, because my mother will have broken down this barrier.”

Clinton was joined by actresses America Ferrera and Lena Dunham, who have stumped for Hillary Clinton from early in the candidate’s campaign. Ferrera also campaigned for the former senator in 2008.

“The fact that we’re making history today and she’s our first woman nominee can never be reversed,” Ferrera said. “None of us have to do that ever again, we never have to be the first again. … Now our daughters, many who don’t exist yet and some who do, will now never know, never, ever, ever, ever have to know why that’s a special thing.”

Dunham challenged the common refrain that voters shouldn’t elect the former secretary of state just because they’re ready to see a female president.

“I keep thinking to myself, we’re not only so lucky to be facing this moment when a woman can be a candidate for president of the United States, we’re so lucky that it’s this woman,” she said.

Later Tuesday, Ferrera and Dunham took the stage together at the convention, delivering a little schtick challenging Republican nominee Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric.

Chelsea Clinton will speak before Democratic delegates and convention attendees Thursday night, introducing her mother’s keynote address.

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