Chelsea Clinton Calls Former Press Secretary 'Vile' For Gross Tweet About Vanessa Trump

Ew, dude.

Chelsea Clinton may not be a fan of the Trump family, but that won’t stop her from defending them from gross attacks by her mother’s former press secretary.

On Wednesday, Philippe Reines, former press secretary and senior adviser to former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, projected his sexual stereotypes about Latinos onto Donald Trump Jr. and his wife, Vanessa Trump, who are divorcing.

“Vanessa being with a Latin King must’ve driven you insanely jealous,” Reines tweeted, referring to Vanessa Trump’s reported high school relationship with a former gang member. “The machismo, the passion. Tough act to follow. Did you wonder if she fantasized about Valentin Rivera when intimate with you? She did. Every time.”

Ew, dude. What is wrong with you?

That was a question many people on Twitter asked, prompting Chelsea Clinton herself to call out Reines:

“It’s vile,” she tweeted.

If Reines wants to fantasize about Trump Jr.’s sex life, so be it. But keep the rest of us out of it.

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