Chelsea Handler And Andre Balazs Split, As Confirmed By A Surprisingly Subtle Comment On 'Chelsea Lately'

Chelsea Handler And Andre Balazs Just Broke Up

Chelsea Handler and on again, off again boyfriend Andre Balazs are off again, as the talk show host shared on "Chelsea Lately."

On Tuesday, October 1, Mary McCormack joined Handler onscreen, and mentioned the breakup. "Let's talk about your single situation," McCormack said. "I'm looking for a pattern. I was thinking about who you dated." McCormack then listed Handler's past flings, including a "buff Canadian animal trainer." "He threw me around," Handler joked.

Handler's past loves include 50 Cent, whom she dated "very casually" in 2010. "That was fun, though," Handler said, when McCormack brought him up.

It seems Handler is making the most of her newfound freedom "[Chelsea's] single now, too, so it's like, you can't keep up!" the "In Plain Sight" actress said of a recent night out. "Maybe I'll start [dating] a bitch?" Handler replied. "That would totally be something I would do, is date a woman."

Handler and Balazs broke up after a two-year bicoastal relationship. The two struggled through some tough times "trying to figure out how to live life together." However, she never doubted her love for him, telling Oprah, "I met my match."

Given Handler's bumpy history with the hotelier, it wouldn't be surprising if the two got back together. Unless, she rekindles her 50 Cent flame, that is.

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