Chelsea Handler Breaks Silence On That Infamous Instagram Photo And Why Network TV Isn't For Her

Well that's the end of that.

After news broke that Chelsea Handler would be leaving her largely popular talk show on E! this year and having her name tossed in the running for David Letterman's replacement, the funny woman finally came clean on Ellen and cleared up any rumors on potential projects with CBS.

"I would never go to CBS," Handler told Ellen after the talk show host grilled her on that now infamous Instagram photo. "I would never be on a regular network. I would never do that to my fans, or myself or to the network."

The comedian explained she was in a meeting for "something completely different" when she posted the photo that got everyone talking about a future partnership with CBS and admitted doing anything with network TV just wouldn't be her style.

"My mouth? What would they do with me there?" Handler said.

Handler is known for raunchy behavior on her own late night talk show and said she wouldn't appreciate being censored if she had a network show.

"I'm a bad girl," Handler said. "I wouldn't want to reel me in. That wouldn't be fun for anyone."

So what's next for Handler if not another late night stint? A long vacation and hopefully a foreign boyfriend.

"I'd like to leave the country for a while and meet some men who will actually date me," Handler said. "With the language barrier I might have more luck."



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