Did Chelsea Handler Just Sign A Deal For A New Show On Netflix?

The comedian is slated to leave her late night talk show on E! after her contract expires this year, and while she was once rumored as a replacement candidate for David Letterman's old job, she's since shot down rumors of ever appearing on network television. But would a series on Netflix be more her style?

The New York Post is reporting that Handler has reached a deal with the subscription-video service. While it isn't clear what the format of a Chelsea Handler/Netflix collaboration would be, it's hard to imagine Handler would choose to go back to her roots as a talk show host. Netflix has been focusing more on series programming that can be viewed in binge-able batches and has yet to release any kind of talk show formatted program.

For her part, Handler has expressed interest in the past when it comes teaming up with the online streaming service. She stopped by Howard Stern’s Sirius XM show in March and revealed that after she leaves E! she would be interested in coming to an outlet like Netflix.

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