Chelsea Handler Thinks America Is Full Of 'Educated Intellectual Racists'

And also, that people in the south are "dumb."

Chelsea Handler is sure to spark some controversy (again) with her latest comments surrounding racism in America. 

While promoting her new Netflix docuseries, "Chelsea Does," on the "Today" show Tuesday, the comedian told Matt Lauer that she encountered an amazing number of "educated intellectual racists" while filming. 

Handler and Lauer were discussing racism, one of the main topics in her new series (along with marriage, drugs, and Silicon Valley) when the actress and author revealed "how little" she actually knew. 

"You think you know about racism and then you delve into it and realize how little you do know. And then, how embarrassed you are about how little you know. And how embarrassing people in this country are when you talk to them," she explained. 

Handler continued, "Normally, people associate racism with dumb people from the south who aren't educated. But I met with a lot of educated, intellectual racists, which I find amazing." 

Last week, Netflix released a new trailer for the racism-themed episode of "Chelsea Does," which shows the comedian speaking about the issue with Rev. Al Sharpton. She's also seen asking two black men, "Don't you think, 'F**k these white people?' I mean, enough is enough." 

At one point, using her signature boundary-pushing sense of humor, Handler is heard saying, "I just want to live in a place where a person of every color is able to hit on me." 

You can watch the trailer below: 

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