Chelsea Handler Says Election Results Will Make Clinton Supporters 'Fight Even Harder'

"That’s all I’ve got for you, because it’s rough."
Chelsea Handler speaks at AOL Build on Aug. 25.
Chelsea Handler speaks at AOL Build on Aug. 25.

Like most Hillary Clinton supporters, Chelsea Handler found it incredibly hard to accept the results of the recent presidential election. During an emotional episode of her talk show filmed Nov. 9, the Netflix host broke down, telling viewers she had almost wanted to give up and move to Spain until her staff convinced her to stay.

In a new interview with People magazine, Handler opens up about how she’s dealing with the impending reality of President Donald Trump and how she plans on moving forward. 

“The good message is, we’re going to fight even harder,” Handler said, referring to supporters of Clinton. “And that’s all I’ve got for you, because it’s rough. Twenty times a day I’m like, ‘How is this a reality? How did this happen?’”

The comedian added, “If this has shown us anything, it’s that the worst thing or the most unthinkable thing can happen and we have to stand up and the fact that people are peacefully protesting is good. We’ve got to really just figure out a way to make sure [Trump is] accountable for everything he does and says.”

In the meantime, Handler’s Netflix show can provide a few much-needed laughs along with thoughtful interviews about current events.



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