'Daily Show' Guest Host Chelsea Handler Burns 'Whiny Little B**ch' Tucker Carlson

Handler brought up an "important question" for Carlson.

Comic Chelsea Handler began her second night as guest host of “The Daily Show” by tearing into Fox News host Tucker Carlson for complaining about the number of Black women appointed to the federal judiciary by President Joe Biden.

Carlson griped this week that only five of Biden’s 97 confirmed judges are white men while 22 are Black women.

“I wish Tucker Carlson would go back to talking about which M&Ms he likes to fuck,” Handler fired back. “What are you even complaining about? Having diversity in power is a dream come true for guys like you. Now you can blame all of your problems on women and Black people.”

Handler brought more than insults to the table. She also brought receipts, pointing out that just 44 of the nation’s 784 federal judges are Black women even after Biden’s appointments.

“And this raises a more important question, Tucker, which is why are you always such a whiny little bitch?” she said. “All you do is complain, complain, complain and now I have to spend my time here complaining about you.”

See her full takedown in the Tuesday night “Daily Show” monologue:

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