Chemical Plant Explosion Implicates an "Extensive and Dangerous Cabal of White Men"

There is increasing speculation that two explosions at a flooded Arkema chemical plant in the Houston suburb of Crosby, Texas – explosions that sent plumes of toxic smoke into the sky over a residential area -- were not simply “accidental”. There is mounting evidence that these explosions, along with a series of industrial “accidents,” infrastructure failures, and environmental disasters are, in fact, the result of “deregulation” and other extremist policies advanced by an extensive and powerful network of white men. Well-placed sources have confirmed that this same extremist cabal is behind an elaborate, ongoing effort to deny healthcare coverage to tens of millions of Americans.

Meanwhile, witnesses across the country report having seen suspicious gatherings of “light skinned” men. Several of these observers, some of them “embedded” in communities of white “neoliberal” activists, report that these neoliberal “cells” are actively plotting to endanger innocent Americans, while enriching themselves.

This apparently vast network of organizations and individuals is reportedly committed to advancing an array of extremist narratives and policies, including “deregulation,” “privatization,” and “law and order.” This network of white extremists (many of them intolerant – and sometimes violent -- proponents of “Christianity”) has reportedly infiltrated in large numbers America’s most powerful institutions – including Wall Street, both houses of Congress, influential media outlets, the Supreme Court and the White House—spreading a violent, fundamentalist anti-government, anti-union, free-market “gospel.” One longtime observer reports that “their goal is, in effect, a free market caliphate.”

This network is also believed to have elaborate plans to stifle democratic participation, poison America’s air and water, terrorize women and communities of color, slash workers’ wages and benefits, and indoctrinate American children with their extremist views. (Members of this network euphemistically refer to their extremist vision of America as “a good business climate.”) These men are reportedly very heavily armed, and they are accumulating increasingly powerful weaponry at an alarming rate. This confederation of organizations and individuals appears to be backed by an extensive, shadowy network of wealthy donors – although detailed information about these donors is difficult to find.

Careful observers of this movement believe that the explosions in Crosby and the attack on healthcare are not isolated events. Elaborate, coordinated plots to endanger and dis-empower workers, women, people of color, homeowners, tenants, retirees, anyone born outside the USA, the LGBTQ community and others are apparently widespread — extending across the USA and beyond.

A source close to the story was asked how long this extremist network had been at work. “Several hundred years,” she said. “It appears that they’ve been pretty much running the world for several hundred years.”

Law enforcement agencies have been criticized for not monitoring this group more carefully. There is, in fact, considerable evidence that local, state and federal law enforcement agencies have cooperated with – and been heavily infiltrated by – this cabal of white male extremists.

GOP Representative Guy B. White, a member of House’s the conservative Freedom Caucus who has been linked to this extremist network, was dismissive when asked about these allegations. “The nutty Alt-Left and ungrateful millionaire athletes are disrespecting our troops and our flag every day. Christians are being forced to bake cakes for homosexuals. Our economy is being choked by environmental extremists and socialistic tax policies. These baseless, racist allegations are absurd! The media should be focusing on what matters to real Americans!”

White House spokesman Ken Profitt responded similarly. “Our safety is being threatened everyday as terrorists from Mexico, Nambia, Ferguson, San Francisco and other terrorist havens flood across our borders. This fake, racist news is an effort by leftists and their allies in the lame-stream media to divert attention from the issues real Americans care about.” When asked about enduring racial inequality in the US, Mr. Klann became agitated: “White privilege? Give me a break. As always, the left has made it about race. If anyone should be protesting, it’s white men.”

Most media outlets have been slow to devote attention to these explosive allegations. FOX News called it a “non-story” opting not to interrupt its regular programming as this story broke. At 9:00 yesterday evening, Fox News aired an interview with Professor Bruce Gilley, author of “The Case for Colonialism.”

In a joint press release, several progressive, egalitarian, and anti-racist organizations asked for the public’s help. “If you see any suspicious ‘light skinned’ men, please alert your friends and neighbors. These extremists are often seen driving expensive cars, carrying expensive briefcases, and shouting in threatening tones at women and people of color. They are often accompanied by lawyers, lobbyists, and anti-choice activists. And they are often heavily armed. So, please — if you see something, say something!

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