One Way To Repair Chemically Relaxed And Damaged Hair (VIDEO)

WATCH: One Way To Repair Chemically Relaxed (And Damaged) Hair

For many African-American women, chemical hair relaxers can be both a blessing and a curse. The ease these straightening products provide help to save tons of time when getting ready each day. However, when not applied professionally, the harsh chemicals can result in hair loss, breakage and even scalp burns.

In the video above, we are introduced to Jasmine, a young lady who shares her story on the not-so-good side of perms. After experiencing a bad chemical hair relaxer four years ago, she still has a hard time maintaining straight hair. Jasmine is left with tons of frizz and damaged ends that she collectively refers to as a "natural disaster."

Celebrity hairstylist Kiyah Wright and hair colorist Renee Taglia team up to give Jasmine a style that not only repairs her damaged hair, but makes her daily routine much easier. Taglia begins by softening up her look with a caramel brown shade with honey highlights around the edges. She also lightens up Jasmine's brows to complement her new color. Then Wright goes in with her scissors to cut away split ends, creating an edgy, graduated bob with tons of movement.

What do you think about Jasmine's hair makeover? Do you think the short haircut and color made a difference? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

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