Memetracker: Chemistry Cat Brings The Classroom LOLs (PICTURES)

Chemistry Cat is the punny science meme sweeping sites like Tumblr and reddit this week, and with good reason. Homeboy's funny.

The premise is simple: A photo of a scholarly looking cat in glasses gets captioned with jokes about science, or more specifically, the periodic table of the elements. You know, the zingers your high school lab supervisor used to dole out like after dinner mints.

The cats that seem to go the most viral use the atomic symbols as part of the joke. For example, one image reads: Cats are composed of iron, lithium and neon... FeLiNe. Get it? GET IT?!

With the help of Buzzfeed's "Best of Chemistry Cat" list, we've compiled a few of our faves so you guys can get a feel for what the meme is all about. But if you're game, after you've perused what's already out there, you should download the template and make some Chemistry Cats of your own. Submit them to our slideshow to see how you stack up!

Chemistry Cat