Chen Xianmei, Woman Who Helped Run-Over Chinese Toddler, Praised (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

The mother of a child who was run over in a hit-and-run in China has come to the defense of the woman who helped her toddler.

ABC News reports that 57-year-old Chen Xianmei moved the 2-year-old girl Yue Yue out of the road and called for help after the girl was hit by vehicles in Foshan, Guangdong province. Eighteen pedestrians and cyclists passed by the little girl before she was helped by Xianmei, ABC reports.

Below is original story:

Xianmei has been criticized by many in China who say she only helped Yue Yue because she wanted publicity, according to ABC.

However, the girl's mother, who identified herself as Qu, refutes those claims.

"[Xianmei] is really kind, not the type of person who enjoys publicity," Qu told China Daily. "I don't have enough words to thank her with."

The Telegraph posits that pedestrians may have been afraid to help Yue Yue because of China's "compensation culture." The paper refers to a 2006 judgement in which a person who helped a woman get to a hospital was "wrongly ordered to pay her compensation." According to the Associated Press, "many commentators have also pointed to China's lack of legal protections, such as a 'Good Samaritan' law that would protect people from lawsuits if they try to help others in distress."

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