Cheney To GOP Senators: It's 'Herbert Hoover Time'

Cheney To GOP Senators: It's 'Herbert Hoover Time'

Politico reports on Dick Cheney's private meeting with Republican Senators, at which he tried and failed to win their support for an auto bailout:

Senate Republicans' dramatic revolt against a White House-backed auto industry rescue plan is fraught with political risk.

While the high-stakes gambit places them squarely within the mainstream of anti-bailout public sentiment, at the same time it exposes the party to potentially devastating criticism that its failure to compromise doomed the Big Three automakers and deepened the economic recession.


That was the message Vice President Dick Cheney brought to a closed-door Senate GOP lunch Wednesday, reportedly warning that it'll be "Herbert Hoover" time if aid to the industry was rejected, according to a senator familiar with the remarks. A Cheney spokeswoman would neither confirm nor deny the vice president's remarks.

In their piece on the meeting, McClatchy reported that Cheney received a "barrage of criticism" from his fellow Republicans rather than the agreement he desired.

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