Cheney vs. Condi

There has been an ongoing effort by the neo-cons within the administration to start a war with Iran. Rolling Stone has an absolutely must-read article about it.

Now, they are in the last stages of their push to finish this mission. Read this piece in a conservative magazine where you can see Cheney and the neo-cons have started a public war against Condoleezza Rice and the State Department.

So, it's on. They're making their final push because they wouldn't have called out Condi in public if they didn't think this was the time to strike and take her down. If they succeed, we will DEFINITELY have war with Iran.

What does not bode well is Israel"s announcement that they will continue their bombardment of Lebanon for several more weeks. The longer this drags out, the better the neo-con position is. War leads to more war.

And the man who has to decide between Condi and Cheney is very unfortunately -- the decider! He is the man in the middle of this internal White House fight and all of our fates are in his very incapable hands.

Will he be pissed off that the neo-cons have called out his friend, Condoleezza Rice, in public and see it as an act of disloyalty? Or will he be convinced to fire or ignore her and head off to war because Cheney has told him he is the next coming of Winston Churchill and Jesus Christ combined. "George, if you don't act, no one will. You need to be the savior."

Tune in next week to see what The Decider does. And to see if we start World War III.

The Young Turks