Cheng Jianping, Twitter User, ARRESTED; Tweet Lands Activist 1 Year Labor Sentence

Cheng Jianping, a Chinese social activist, has been arrested and sentenced to one year in a labor camp for retweeting a message from her fiance, Hua Chunhui. The 46-year-old woman insists that the message was a joke. According to the BBC:

She had repeated a Twitter comment urging nationalist protesters to smash Japan's pavilion at the Shanghai Expo, adding the words "Charge, angry youth".

Last month, Japan and China diplomatic relations were strained over disputed islands in the East China Sea. According to Amnesty International, Jianpeng, whose Twitter handle is @wangyi09, may be the "first Chinese citizen to become a prisoner of conscience on the basis of a single tweet."

Jianping and her fiancee say that they were mocking the protesters, but she was still charged "for disrupting social order" by authorities. According to NPR, a person can be sent to a re-education labor camp for up to four years without a trial in China.

Twitter is illegal in China, but many people use the service by circumventing Chinese Internet controls, says the BBC. Jianping has reportedly been sent to the Shibali River women's labor camp in Zhengzhou. Her fiance has begun a hunger strike on her behalf.