Cher's 1988 Oscar Dress Was A Landmark Sheer Fashion Moment (PHOTO)

PHOTO: Cher's 1988 Oscar Dress Was A Landmark Sheer Fashion Moment

In addition to acting and singing her way to the top, Cher will always be remembered for her bold fashion sense. The star rarely shies away from glittery, body-conscious (or body-baring) outfits, making her a perfect fit for designer Bob Mackie throughout the years. Cher and the American designer have worked together for over four decades, a partnership that has resulted in several iconic fashion moments.

Arguably Cher's most memorable Bob Mackie look? Her sheer black Oscars dress from 1988. 25 years ago today, Cher took the stage to accept the Best Actress Oscar for "Moonstruck," beating Meryl Streep (!) and capturing the attention of fashion lovers everywhere. The dress featured thin straps and a bra-style neckline; but it was the sheer fabric, exposing Cher's entire stomach and legs, that will be remembered forever.

Relive the magic below. Does this go down in the books as one of the best or worst Oscars dresses ever?


cher 1988 oscar dress

Which dresses were your faves?

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