Cher Really Doesn't Think Democrats Are Being Strong Enough, No

“I know it’s not the nice thing to do," the music icon said of how she wants Democrats to rise up, while trashing former President Donald Trump.

Cher said Tuesday that she is desperate for Democrats to “go on full-tilt and just run around with their hair on fire.”

“I know it’s not the nice thing to do or the genteel thing to do. But, you know, time’s a wasting, guys, and somebody’s got to light a fire,” the Grammy Award-winning music icon told MSNBC anchor Lawrence O’Donnell.

Cher also had some criticism for former President Donald Trump, who she’s frequently taken to task on Twitter.

When asked if she’d ever encountered anyone like Trump, Cher replied:

“Well, babe, I’ve encountered some junk people and some people … just the worst things, just think of a whole bunch of adjectives. But I’ve never encountered anyone (like Trump). They pale in comparison. You know, the people I know, they couldn’t even … He’s like a horse of a different color.”

Watch the interview here:

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