Iconic Entertainer Cher Is The New Face Of Marc Jacobs Fall 2015

What a way to make a comeback! At 69, iconic entertainer Cher was recently revealed to be the new model for designer Marc Jacobs Fall 2015 collection -- and in it she goes for a natural (Cher, is that you?) look.

In the debut photo, she poses in an edgy black ensemble, with minimal makeup and her signature flowing black locks.

The pairing may seem surprising to some. But actually, the Marc Jacobs aesthetic is much like Cher herself: intriguing, colorful, chameleon-esque and constantly evolving. We knew something was up when the duo accompanied each other to the 2015 Met Gala in May.

In an age when 20-something actresses and singers are consistently stealing the show as models in couture campaigns (Blake Lively for Chanel, Kristen Stewart for Balenciaga), it's refreshing to see a veteran siren chosen for a high fashion ad. The gig is an interesting choice, as Cher was once idolized for her groundbreaking style, but hasn't had a bona fide hit in a little while. (Let's face it, if I could "turn back time," I'd erase the image of a certain pair of assless chaps from my mind.)

Marc Jacobs is generally a designer associated with the aforementioned pretty young things, but just as fashion changes with the wind, going against the grain is totally in style right now. One of the most oddly unusual actresses in Hollywood, the ageless beauty Tilda Swinton, is the new face of Nars Cosmetics. (It was a strange choice for a woman who is known to never wear makeup, but the irony of it naturally drew more headlines.) Iris Apfel, the 75-year-old fashionista, shined in jeweler Alexis Bittar's latest ads, as did octogenarian author Joan Didion, who modeled for famous couture house Celine.

Next up, I'd love to see this trend carry us closer to a modeling middle ground. These anti-ageist campaigns are making an inspirational statement for women everywhere, but where are the baby boomers, the ones between ingénues like Cara Delevinge and the icons? As a consumer, I'd love to see something more relatable -- but still aspirational high fashion, of course.

This campaign is a huge boost for the indomitable Cher, hot off a "farewell" residency in Las Vegas that ran until 2011, a quiet new album release in 2013 and a troubled tour last year. Leave it to Cher to move into modeling as her next reincarnation.

I'll be anxiously waiting to see which of my heroes will pop up in fashion next. After all, confident, successful, smart women are always in style.

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