Cher On Ex Tom Cruise: "It's Hard For Me To Look At This Person"

'Entertainment Tonight' sat down with Cher yesterday in Los Angeles in an interview to air Friday, February 8th.

Cher told ET about her relationship with Tom Cruise, "It was a long, long time ago and neither one of us ever talked about it and I don't know why. When we were together he was such a private person. He always has been until lately. He didn't mention it and I didn't mention it. I loved him though, he was amazing. Now it's hard for me to look at this person and this press. How many times can I watch him jumping up and down on Oprah's couch?"

On why they broke up, "It was after Risky Business and right before The Color of Money. I couldn't go to Chicago and that was kind of the straw that broke the camel's back."

She goes on to say she still feels close to ex-husband Sonny Bono, who passed away in 1998, "I always kind of feel him in a strange way. I've got these lights in my bedroom and they go on and off for no reason and I always think it's him trying to piss me off."

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