Cher Slays With Another Perfect Trump Tweet

Never change, Cher.
Bobby Bank via Getty Images

Cher is outraged over President Donald Trump’s response to the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, and she went on a Twitter spree Tuesday night about one moment in particular.

The “Believe” singer blasted the president for his behavior while visiting Puerto Rico on Tuesday, about a week and a half after Hurricane Maria made landfall and left millions without power, shelter, clean water and adequate food supplies. Cher likened Trump to French King Louis XVI for throwing rolls of paper towels at a crowd of hurricane survivors.

In a mixture of emojis and abbreviations, Cher wrote, “People are destitute, asshat, throw money.”

One of Cher’s Twitter followers responded to her tweet with an image that perfectly encapsulated their shared outrage. The star made her appreciation clear by retweeting the picture to the masses.

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