Cher & Twitter: Singer Asks 'WTF Is MDNA?,' Gets Attacked By Madonna Fans, Throws Shade Like A Boss

Cher Tweets 'WTF Is MDNA?' & Throws Shade At Mitt Romney

We already know how Deadmau5 feels about Madonna's latest studio album MDNA, but now Cher is throwing in her two cents.

"Wtf is mdna," the singer tweeted Friday morning. Thankfully, one of her Twitter followers was quick to respond, "Mdna is Madonna's new album title but also a spin on the party drug MDMA a.k.a ecstasy." To which Cher replied, "How tasteful!"

But it didn't end there. After being asked whether or not she liked Madonna, Cher responded, "I respect her ability! She's a genius." Unfortunately, that wasn't enough for Madonna fans, who continued to defend Queen Madge. Cher then tried to clarify things with this simple tweet:

After the Madonna drama ceased -- Cher promised to personally call Madge and straighten all of the Twitter hullabaloo out -- Cher started to throw shade at her true target: GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. "Can I not get on here with out dissing someone by accident! Really only ever wanted to THROW SHADE ON MITTENS ROBOT-NEY Care," she tweeted.

Unfortunately, not everyone got the anti-Romney message. "Did @cher just call Britney "Robot-ney," asked one confused tweeter. "No called Mittens Robot-ney care! Like to keep my insults Straight asshole!," Cher replied.

Sometimes, you just can't win.

Follow Cher's hilarious Twitter fiasco below.

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