This Woman With Vitiligo Reminds Us Of What 'Beautiful' Really Means (VIDEO)


The next time you feel reluctant about facing the world sans makeup, or nervous about revealing your "imperfections" to those around you, we hope you'll think of Cheri Lindsay -- a woman who'll leave you breathless with her extraordinary bravery and beauty.

Lindsay has vitiligo, a skin condition that causes depigmentation of parts of the skin.

"It's not that easy to deal with," she admits of living with the condition, which developed a few years ago, per a recent YouTube video. But she says she refuses to let it get her down.

"When I first got vitiligo, I had to ask myself a couple of questions," she said. "Does it hurt? No. Is it contagious? Not at all. And can I still live with this and be successful? Hell yes."

In the video above, watch as Lindsay wipes away a layer of makeup from her face and hands, revealing her bare skin. "Don't hide," she says, staring at the camera. "There's something wrong with everybody. Nobody's 100 percent perfect."

Lindsay's powerful video is part of Dermablend's "Camo Confessions" campaign. Thus far, the company, which specializes in camouflage makeup, has posted videos online of YouTube star Cassandra Bankson, who has acute acne, and Rick Genest (also known as "Rico the Zombie"), whose face and body are covered in tattoos, among others.