Cherie Blair: Apple Shouldn't 'Ignore The Power Of The Woman Consumer'

Women's rights activist Cherie Blair criticized the iPhone maker.

Apple's far from the most diverse company on the planet -- and people are starting to take notice.

In a Wednesday interview with HuffPost Rise, women's rights activist Cherie Blair criticized Apple's very male leadership.

"It makes me want to say to him [Apple head Tim Cook] that I can't believe he's so shortsighted," Blair said.

"Eighty percent of consumer spending is done by women," she went on to say. "To ignore their perspective is a very dangerous thing for any business."

While that figure has been disputed before, the fact remains that Apple's senior leadership isn't taking many cues from women. While the company has done a somewhat better job hiring women in recent months, only three of its 18 top executives are women.

"To ignore the power of the woman consumer ... it's a very dangerous thing because a company's reputation for being trendy and ... innovative is going to take a bit of a dent," Blair said.

Watch the full conversation in the video above.

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