Germany's Cherry Blossom Season Totally Beats Yours

Yes, we know about the annual flower-budding festival in Washington, D.C., but have you ever considered jaunting across the pond to Germany for your foliage fix?

It's where you could waltz through this magical tunnel in the lovely city of Bonn, where the cherry blossoms go positively bonkers for two to three precious weeks per year.

bonn cherry blossom

bonn cherry blossom


According to this year's reports, Bonn's blossoms started budding about two weeks ago. They typically stay sprouted for around 20 days.

This means the cherry blossoms in Bonn are either at the end of their bloom or already fluttering to the ground, dusting the cobblestones like a big pink blanket. Locals say the cherry blossoms will last longer in towns that are further north, so you might still have time to catch some pretty petals if you jet to Germany fast.

In any case, mark your calendar for next year's Bonn cherry blossom explosion.



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