'Wild' Author Nails Exactly Why We All Love A Good Quote

If you've ever wonderedcertain quotes resonate with you, this is it.

Some quotes make us laugh, some make us tear up. Some invigorate us and provide endless motivation. Others offer comfort and solace. In a word, good quotes make us feel.

But why is that, exactly?

As an author, Cheryl Strayed's life is all about carefully chosen words -- she's the force behind best-selling "Wild" and has a new book (a quote collection) called "Brave Enough" -- and she recently articulated how some quotes seem to resonate with us more than others, during a discussion with Oprah for this weekend's "Super Soul Sunday."

"We're hungry for consolation, we're hungry for inspiration and truth," Strayed begins. "What a quote does is it delivers in a very concise, powerful form that little jolt of that thing you needed to hear, that thing you forgot, that thing you knew, the thing you didn't quite understand."

A beautiful explanation in just a few sentences. View more quotes from Strayed below.

Cheryl Strayed Quotes

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