Two Dudes Play Chess In A Frozen Lake In A Time-Lapse Video

Canadians Ron Batuigas and Nick McNaught were looking for distraction from the cold.

Beth Harmon, the fictional heroine of the chess series “The Queen’s Gambit,” sure didn’t try this as part of her training routine.

Two Canadians played chess in a frozen lake on Wednesday, Reuters reported, and a time-lapse video of their cold war went viral. (Watch the clip below.)

Ron Batuigas and Nick McNaught were planning a dip in Ontario’s icy Oak Lake and figured chess could distract them for a while, WFLA reported.

McNaught described the duration and temperature on Instagram as “5 mins at -20 degrees Celsius.”

A commenter asked McNaught, from Toronto, if he noticed any physical and mental changes after his immersion.

“Definitely,” he answered. “Less inflammation and aches. Mood has been [way] up. Keeping really lean. Sleep has been good even when only getting a little. My body is adapting and improving to the cold every dip too.” Some engage in cold-water swimming for purported health benefits; however, doctors caution that the practice comes with the risk of hypothermia and other issues.

Perhaps not surprisingly, people have even played ice water chess in a tournament format.

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