Chevy Chase On 'Community': 'I'd Make It Funnier'; Actor Bashes Show Again

Chevy Chase continues to berate "Community," telling a Vulture reporter that he'd make the show funnier by adding "his brand of humor" to the program.

Chase also said he is "not crazy" about his character and is "getting tired" of playing Pierce on the NBC comedy.

"I've been too funny in my life to have to play a character who's ... moderately funny," he added.

The seemingly irritated actor bristled at some other questions, including whether or not his controversial remarks about the show have generated buzz and increased the chances of the show being picked up again. Another season of "Community" has not been ordered yet, and NBC shelved the series for three months this year.

Chase made waves in March when an expletive-laden voicemail he left for "Community" creator Dan Harmon was leaked to the press. In the message, Chase blasts the show as a "f---ing mediocre sitcom" unworthy of his time. Though Harmon later apologized for having aired the message (he played it for a private gathering), Chase told HuffPost TV that he "probably won't be around much longer," hinting an impending departure from the show.

Castmate Joel McHale downplayed concerns that Chase would leave should the fourth season be picked up, joking that Chase would "follow the trail of money."

For more on the story, including the status of Chase and Harmon's relationship, head over to Vulture.