Chewbacca Mom Loses It Again With James Corden And J.J. Abrams

She's not rolling (Han) solo anymore!

She's Chew-back-a!

The Chewbacca Mom's infectious laughter led a video of herself to rack up more than 140 million views in three days. Now Candace Payne is joining the carpool lane.

On Monday's episode of "The Late Late Show," James Corden recruited Payne to drive him to work. Normally, Corden would break out some karaoke in a situation like this, but who needs singing when you already have Chewbacca masks and surprise guest J.J. Abrams?

After sporting the mask, Payne predictably loses it again, and Corden and Abrams can't help but laugh along, too. So it looks like Chewbacca Mom isn't rolling (Han) solo anymore.

Also, check out Payne's interview with Corden. This "Star Wars" fan is giving "New Hope" to parents who want to have fun.

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