Chewbacca Singing 'Silent Night' Is The Christmas Carol You've Been Missing

Take it away, Chewie! 🎤

Wookies aren’t so different from us after all.

A viral YouTube video showcases Chewbacca performing a rousing rendition of “Silent Night” in Shyriiwook — the language of the Wookie.

Han Solo’s hairiest best bud belts out the Christmas classic using audio and video snippets from the “Star Wars” movies.

As it turns out, the out-of-this-world track was originally compiled in 1999 by web developer Scott Andersen, who paired the movies’ audio with a Yamaha keyboard, according to Andersen’s website.

“Once I had my sound clips, I determined the pitch of each one and made sure I had all of the notes I needed for ‘Silent Night.’ I was missing a few, so I had to pitch shift them in my audio editing software,” Anderson recalled.

“My coworkers all got a good chuckle out of ‘Christmas with Chewbacca’ and for the next couple of years as December approached we’d share the link around the office again, and I pretty much thought that was the end of it,” he wrote.

Instead, what was intended to be a little office fun has blown up into a holiday track that’s been listened to millions of times.

How’s that for some Christmas cheer?