'Attack On Chiberia' Gives Frozen Chicago The 'Star Wars' Ice Planet Treatment It Deserves (VIDEO)

LOOK: Chiberia Gets The 'Star Wars' Treatment

It's barely 30 seconds long, but a new clip making rounds on the web perfectly captures what many Chicagoans felt during the polar vortex of 2014.

It's the frozen Chicago of last week, only re-imagined (with very little stretch of the imagination required) as the ice planet Hoth from "Star Wars" (embedded).

Local freelance video editor Daniel Cervantes said via Twitter the ubiquitous photos of the frozen city inspired him to create the mashup:

Though the city is thawing out as of Friday, the face-biting temps from the Hoth-like days shocked Southerners, turned Lake Michigan into a basin of ice boulders and even became the Sun-Times' weather word of the day. That's cold.

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