Chic Gift Guide 2015: Simplifying The Lives of The Fempreneurs and Mompreneurs in Your Life I

For a fun preview of our guide, check out our Top 5 Gadgets For The Fempreneurs and Mompreneurs in your life.
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For a fun preview of our guide, check out our Top 5 Gadgets For The Fempreneurs and Mompreneurs in your life.

Gift guides are always a lot of fun to not only put together but to read and to use as a guide during the holiday season. Being able to see the smiles on the faces of our loved ones is our favorite part of the Holiday season, but finding the right gift for everyone in your life is really not as easy as it should be. With this guide, we hope that finding the right gift for the Mompreneur or Fempreneur in your life will be a little bit easier this year.

Fempreneurs and Mompreneurs are busy gals who are usually busy juggling too much at a time. From businesses, families, social lives, fitness, and everything in between, it can all get overwhelming. Every item in this amazing gift guide will allow you to find a gift for the busy girl in your life.

From Fitness, Beauty, Career, and even categories like Subscription Boxes, we have fun and useful gift ideas that will bring a little joy to the life of the woman who unwraps them.


Vine Street Market Tote


The Vine Street Market Tote is one of several totes on our list, and one of our favorites. This chic reusable bag mixes high fashion with an everyday carryall that's perfect for the woman on the go. From grocery shopping, travel, yoga, a quick meeting at the coffee shop, and everything in between.

  • Can be worn over the shoulder or crossbody.
  • Folds up into its own pocket
  • Inside pocket for keys, wallet, etc

Price: $65

Holiday Deal: $19.99 with code HOLIDAYTOTE

Aviator Go2Jean

A pair of jeans that will take you from morning yoga to a night out?

The Go2Jean is comfortable enough to wear during yoga and to take you through the rest of your day. Talk about a fun twist on the mommy jeans!

A really great addition to any woman's closet.

Price: $98

MyWalit Brighton Beach Multiway Bag


A busy girl can never have too many bags as far as we are concerned, which is one of the reasons we have a few bags on the list. The Brighton Beach Multiway bag is extremely versatile, with several helpful features:

  • Padded Slip Pocket for an Ipad
  • Optional Cross-Body Strap
  • Exclusive Nappa Leather
  • Available in 4 colors

Price: $350


Discovering purchases that not only make a difference in the lives of your loved ones but others in need has been one of our favorite parts of putting together this amazing gift guide. Every dollar from all purchases made through the St Baldricks Online Foundation Store goes directly to fund the most promising Childhood Cancer Research across the country.

Imagine being able to offer a great gift and sharing the story of St Baldricks Childhood research and the difference that your purchase can make in the life of a child.

Price: $18.95

Simple Bra

A Bra, in the on-the-go category?

That's right, this bra is far from simple, with the ability to be worn all day at work, and then through yoga or a girls night out with the girls. Fully convertible straps that allow you to customize your bra to your outfits, including halters.

Need a bathing suit in a pinch? Go ahead and take it off, the Simple bra doubles as a bathing suit.

Price: $39.00

Discounts: 15% off SBHUFFPO15 & Free Shipping



Being mom does not diminish a woman's passion and need for designer handbags. Mom no longer has to choose between her collection of handbags and staying organized on the go with the little ones. ToteSavvy allows us to transform our favorite designer handbags into an organized diaper bag.

Price: $79.99

Inle Tote


This large tote is great for the woman on the go. It has a great water and stain repellent cotton canvas that makes it durable and able to carry you through all the areas of your busy life, from the office, playdates, or the gym. After you are off the clock, finished your workout and showered up, the detachable interior pocket that converts into a fold-over clutch is great for heading out to meet friends.

Price: $200

Edifier P293 Earphones

My husband says I go through earphones like water! Between my workouts, running around the house with my phone and Chromebook, with the earphones in hand, it is no wonder. The Edifier P293 earphones stay in your ear while you do everything that you love doing with a pair of earphones in your ears.

  • Control your smartphones with the click of a button
  • Fun Candy Green Colour
  • Fantastic sound

Price: $59.99

Sale: Currently $39.99 Limited Time Offer

Tourney Walker\


Driving to grandma's and Black Friday sprints are accomplished in support and style when wearing Vionic's printed mesh Tourney fitness shoes. Specialized hidden technology assists in relieving heel pain associated with plantar fasciitis and in reducing over-pronation so you can forget about foot pain and focus on fun.

Price: $129.95

UR Powered Audio Headwear

For those who love running in winter, this headwear is a great way to leave your routine undisturbed. The UR Powered Audion Headwear combines the comfort of their warm, winter headwear with their built-in UR audio speakers. The speakers are removable for comfort and convenience.

Price: $36.00


If we had a unique category, xSense would certainly be a great fit. Xsense is for the woman on the go in need of some help. A new line of functional scents inspired by Nobel Prize winning clinical research on how the brain reacts to scents.

  • WorkSense's clinically tested natural ingredients have been found to help people learn new information better, increase their accuracy and efficiency with specific tasks, and allow improved retention of information.
  • PlaySense's specially formulated pure essential oil ingredients have been clinically found to help improve endurance and speed, two key elements of physical performance.
  • RestSense's natural ingredients have been clinically found to improve relaxation and help reduce stress.

Price: $45



My new running accessory, after winter ends, that is. The D-Belt can be used for more than just keeping your phone, keys, and everything you need during your workouts. For a busy mom running errands, you can keep track of everything from your phone, keys, ID, Chapstick, and Tissues on hand while you keep up with the kids and get things done.

Price: $39.95-$49.95

The Stash

One thing that I struggle with is having enough room in my bag, while I run around with my children and The Stash from Hydrapak is an awesome solution. This collapsible, soft-walled, BPA-free water bottle allows the top and bottom to snap together. Simply squeeze to release when ready to drink.

Prices: 750ML ($18) or 1L ($23)

Every Mompreneur and Fempreneur needs a great calendar, planner, and notebooks to stay organized. A really awesome and fun collection for the busy, working woman, there are many pieces that can be purchased separately or together to create a fun, more organized life for the busy woman in your life.

Prices: Ranging from $4.99 and up


Everyone has that one family member that is famous for misplacing their reading glasses, in my family it is my mom. ThinOptics offers a solution that you will love.

These revolutionary reading glasses fit on your nose (without any stems) and slide right into your smart phone case. The glasses come in thin cases that fit both Apple and Samsung phones as well as a Universal Pod that can fit in any pocket or suitcase.

Prices: $24.95-$38.95

Vietnamese Tote

Another gift that makes a difference, donations for this hand-embroidered tote go toward the Where Most Needed Fund which supports people in need around the world.

Price: $100

For Women by Women


JH Cards- Handcrafted stationery

Holiday Special Free Shipping when you spend $50+ (50Free)

I Thought of You- Original jewelry made from fruit and other eco-friendly materials

Posh Adornments- Fun hair ties that can be worn on the wrist or in your hair

WiggleTot- Changing pad cover with a detachable vest for the busy mom.

MonBaby- A wearable baby monitor that sends mom alerts directly to her smartphone.

Holiday Special Black Friday through Cyber Monday $125


Breaking Busy by Alli Worthington

My Fringe Hours by Jessica N. Turner

Quintessential Style Janna Beatty with Sharon White


MOSO Naturals- Replace toxic filled air fresheners with a natural option. Filled with bamboo charcoal from China, that absorbs odors and improve air quality in less than a day!

Teavana Contour Tumbler- Makes tea on the go a fun new option. Steep your tea and enjoy on the go!

Writey Boards: Chalkboard walls are so yesterday, surprise her with the Writey Board, Dry Erase walls.

Stojo Pocket Cup: The collapsible cup is simply awesome, and not to mention a great way of loving your environment by reducing the number of disposable cups you use.

MagBak: A thin case for your Iphone and Ipads with a magnetic backing that allows you to put it on the fridge in the car and to work without hands.

GoodWipes: It's hard not to find yourself reaching for your baby's wipes every once in a while to refresh yourself, but GoodWipes allows moms to have wipes made just for them. These adult wipes are a refreshing way to clean up between errands and outings.

  • Body Wipes for Gals and Guys
  • Down There Wipes
Holiday Special
Black Friday through Cyber Monday 40% off HUFF40

Stay tuned for part 2 of the Gift Guide and more information about our Holiday Giveaway on The Blog.

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