Chicago Baconfest 2012: "Bacon Gives Me a Lardon"

We did not eat bacon in my house.

I know: It's dreadful to think about. It wasn't until the fifth grade at a friend's sleepover when the magic happened. Her mom fried up turkey bacon, which I liken to a gateway drug of sorts. There was no turning back.

So to say I jumped at the opportunity to go to the third annual Chicago Baconfest would be a huge understatement. (Leapt? Cried for? Gave up my first-born?) My foodie partner-in-crime Ben and I hauled a camera, a notebook, and empty stomachs to UIC forum on Saturday evening. From candied bacon and bacon vodka to t-shirts with funny sayings like "Bacon Gives Me a Lardon," Baconfest 2012 did not disappoint Chicago pork lovers. Below, a slideshow of what we saw.

Baconfest April 14, 2012