Postmortem on Chicago's Worst Blizzard

Snowfall totals rank this week's blizzard as the third worst in history, but you can't begin to judge the storm's presumptive ferocity by a mere 1.8" margin. Trudging from my Lakeview apartment into the arms of Chicago's fiercest climate phenomena took a lot of energy but rewarded me with a peak beyond into the belly of the beast. Curiosity and a southerner's zeal to explore the unknown drove me to venture into the battlefield, beyond the aerial photos.

Along the way I met a wonderful cinematographer who helped capture the moment and bear witness to the tireless efforts of municipal workers working to dislodge a vehicular graveyard that surpassed anyone's expectations.

For a moment in time, the City of Broad Shoulders, which prides itself on its impregnable defenses against Mother Nature, was brought to a standstill as chronicled in Neal's Way.