Chicago Takes Over Boston Website For One Day As Mayors Make Good On Stanley Cup Wager (VIDEO)

"Hello Boston. You have no idea how glad I am to speak to you."

Those words -- and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's supremely satisfied gloat -- are greeting Bostonians all Wednesday long.

A little more than four months after the Chicago Blackhawks cinched their Stanley Cup win over the Boston Bruins, Boston Mayor Tom Menino at last made good on his wager with Emanuel that included a one-day takeover of the City of Boston's website. (embedded above)

In Menino's snark-filled letter to Emanuel back in June ("It’s no surprise that such a verbose letter came from the Windy City."), he promised to pony up the following in the event his Bruins failed to bring home the Cup:

  • The "Best of Boston's Local Foods," foods that are grown or produced right here in the Hub, including some of our abundant seafood;
  • Access to the City of Boston’s website for one day, to post a promotional video touting Chicago and its great attractions – no profanities, please;
  • I’ll see your Steppenwolf with two tickets to the Tony Award-winning Huntington Theatre Company, and raise you two tickets to Theo Epstein’s "Hot Stove, Cool Music" concert in Boston;
  • And of course, I’ll match you a tree, to be planted in the schoolyard of your choosing, highlighting our common commitment to education, parks and the environment.
  • I look forward to receiving your package. Please use ground transport as I would like to avoid any weather delays.

Emanuel previously cleaned up on a wager with Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa after the Hawks beat the Kings for the Western Conference championship.

Menino seems like a betting man, but a note to big-city mayors of the U.S.: The Hawks are already off to a roaring start this season.



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