Chicago's Candy History Shows The Windy City Is One Sweet Place (PHOTOS)

LOOK: Treat Yourself To A Peek Into Chicago's Candy-Laden Past

Is Chicago still the sweetest place on earth?

On a day when treats take center stage, we wanted to take a look back at the Windy City's sugary past when it was (and according to many, still is) the "Candy Capital of the World."

Chicago earned the distinction of candy capital by the early 1900s. According to a special web exhibit from the University of Chicago, the National Confectionery Association got its start in Chicago in 1884 and, "representing 69 candy companies, they helped advance candy making standards and promoted candy products."

Loads of famous candies are still cooked up in the Chicago area, including Lemonheads (manufactured by the Ferrara Candy Company), M&Ms and other Mars candy products, Tootsie Rolls and Brach's ever-polarizing candy corn (and "mellowcreme" pumpkins).

Alas, Frango mints are no longer produced in the Marshall Field's kitchen in Chicago, but another beloved brand is a prominent River North fixture: The Blommer Chocolate Company (you can literally smell it from a mile away).

Take a peek at more photos from Chicago's sweet history below, courtesy the Elmhurst Historical Museum:

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Chicago's Sweet History

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