Where 13 Chicagolebrities Say They'd Have Their 'Last Meal'

Here in Chicago, we have a reputation for taking our food pretty seriously.

Put ketchup on that hot dog? Blasphemy! Ask for fries with that cheezborger? No fries, chips!

All of the stereotypes aside, we got to wondering what some of our favorite Chicago personalities would choose for their "last meals." Would it simply hot dog after hot dog, deep dish after deep dish?

As part of our ongoing "My Chicago" interview series, we asked a number of athletes, artists, activists and musicians that exact question: "If you had to have your last Chicago meal for some tragic reason, where and what would it be?"

Below are their surprisingly diverse responses -- the vast majority of which, for the record, are anything but the frou-frou fare you may have been expecting. What would be your pick?

Chicago Celebrities' 'Last Meal' Restaurant Picks