Chicago Coffee Crawl: Caffentures Offers Blue Line-Centric Tour For Coffee Lovers

Looking for a way to get dangerously caffeinated and learn more about how some of Chicago's best sludge is crafted?

The Blue Line Coffee Crawl, dubbed Chicago's first-ever such established crawl dedicated to specialty coffees, might be right up your alley.

But this is not a "drink-a-cup-of-coffee-at-every-stop" sort of endeavor, as Caffentures, the crawl's organizer, explains on their blog. The crawl entails stops at three popular CTA Blue Line-adjacent coffee shops -- Ipsento Coffee, Buzz: Killer Espresso and Caffe Streets -- and offers a "mini sensory workshop" and flight of three different coffees at each stop.

The event debuted with its first official run earlier this month and will be offered again on Sunday, Aug. 25, beginning at 9 a.m. Tickets, which must be purchased at least two days prior to the crawl, cost $30 per participant.

Bottoms up!

Photo by David Hilowitz via Flickr.

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