Chicago Cronuts? Two Suburban Bakeries Serving Up Dominique Ansel Knockoffs

It was bound to happen eventually.

With cronut fever -- yes that's a hybrid croissant-donut -- currently sending New York City into a deep-fried frenzy, the Dominique Ansel Bakery pastry has inspired other bakeries around the world to add their own variation on the treat to their spread.

In Chicagoland, one of the first (though probably not last) to step up to the plate is Gür Sweets Bakery in Elmhurst, Ill. As the Chicago Reader reported Tuesday, Gür Sweets will begin serving up their first "croughnuts," at $5 piece, Saturday morning at 7 a.m. The bakery -- and others trying to tap into the trend across the country -- can't legally call their pastry a "cronut" because Ansel wisely trademarked it already.

Gür Sweets owner and pastry chef Rubina Hafeez explained to the Reader she was inspired by Ansel's creation and, over the course of a couple of weeks, had experimented to the point where she had a workable recipe for the vanilla cream-filled treat.

Another suburban bakery, Chicago Pastry in Bloomingdale, Ill., is also serving up a new cronut knockoff they're calling the "dossant," according to Chicago magazine's Dish blog. Chicago Pastry claims to be the first to bring the Ansel-inspired delicacies to the Chicago area and appears to have been serving them since June 3.

chicago dossants cronuts
Chicago Pastry's "dossants." Mmmm.

Though the trip to the western 'burbs may seem daunting to some city-dwellers, the journey -- even on public transit -- will still probably take less time than the many hours New Yorkers are standing in line for their frosted fix.



Cronut Craze Takes NYC