Chicago's Deep-Dish Devotion Called Into Question By New Pizza Data Analysis

Is Chicago's maligned-by-some "signature" deep-dish pizza even that popular among actual Chicagoans?

A new data analysis reported Friday by WBEZ seems to show that, though visitors to the city are known to crowd into any number of area restaurants to get their hands on a piece of cheesy, buttery deep-dish, Chicago residents tend to prefer thinner crusts.

According to data online food ordering service GrubHub shared with WBEZ, just less than 9 percent of pizza orders through their service in the city are for either deep-dish or stuffed pizza. The other 91 percent? Literally anything but that.

To be fair, several popular deep-dish emporiums -- including Giordano's and Lou Malnati's -- do not offer delivery through GrubHub and, of course, the analysis does not account for dining-in pizza patterns.

For what it's worth, deep dish also seems to have Gaga, Kim and Kanye in its corner.



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