Chicago Food Trucks: Would New Ordinance Help Food Truck Operators Flourish? (DEBATE)

Would New, Mayor-Endorsed Ordinance Help Food Trucks Flourish?

Last month, a group of Chicago aldermen introduced an ordinance touted to make it easier for food trucks to do business in the Windy City. With the seal of approval from Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the measure appears to be headed toward passage.

But even as the ordinance's proponents argue that the measure will eliminate burdensome restrictions and bring "common-sense changes" to the city's food truck industry, many of the city's food truck operators say the proposal could actually ruin their businesses.

So, which is it? We asked Ald. Proco "Joe" Moreno (1st Ward), one of the ordinance's co-sponsors, and Amy Le, co-owner of the popular DucknRoll truck, to discuss the matter. Weigh in on the debate below and let us know whether either side in this ongoing issue changes your mind.

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