Driver Crashes Into Chicago Cab Before Smashing Into 4 More Cars In Epic Hit-And-Run Fail (VIDEO)

WATCH: You've Never Seen A Hit-And-Run As Epic As This

As far as fender-benders go, there's nothing worse than a hit-and-run. Except maybe five of them.

The motorists who commit these hit-and-runs are undoubtedly "the worst," but one Chicago driver's recent smashfest truly breaks new grounds for awful (embedded above).

During the incident police tell DNAinfo Chicago happened Oct. 30 in the city's Lakeview Neighborhood, a black SUV rear-ends a cab in the 1400 block of West Belmont and then tries -- and fails -- many, many times to get away.

After the cabbie confronts and then tries to physically block the SUV, the driver pulls a shocking maneuver that gets jaw-droppingly crazy around the 1:45 mark.

Unlike most hit-and-runs however, the driver was eventually caught. Police say the SUV was stolen and the driver was arrested shortly after the incident.

The cabbie, meanwhile, suffered insult and injury: He's out a week's work, a $500 insurance deductible and was reportedly disciplined by the cab company, City Service, for confronting the driver, DNAinfo reports.

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