Chicago's Hot Dog History: Ketchup-Free Wieners Through The Years (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Chicago's Hot Dog History

When it comes to Chicago food, it doesn't get more iconic than the "life-changing" Chicago-style hot dog.

And, as expected, that deeply-entrenched distinction didn't happen overnight: The dog has been a staple for Chicagoans since the Great Depression and, as such, has long had a notable presence in the city's neighborhoods.

Ahead of hosting their inaugural Chicago Hot Dog Fest next month, the Chicago History Museum dug through their archives to share some photos of hot dog stands -- and some other wiener-rific pics -- throughout the city through the years.

The Chicago Hot Dog Fest will be held Aug. 11 on the museum's Uihlein Plaza, featuring a talk about American hot dog culture with "Man Bites Dog" authors Bruce Kraig and Patty Carroll.

All photos appear courtesy the Chicago History Museum.

Chicago's Hot Dog History

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