Chicago Kickstarter Page: Seed Chicago Curates Local Crowdfunding Campaigns

The city of Chicago, having already itself dabbled in the craft of crowdfunding campaigns, on Tuesday unveiled its own officially curated Kickstarter page.

The page, titled Seed Chicago, is intended to spotlight small businesses and community development projects that will bring jobs, economic activity and revitalization to Chicago's neighborhoods.

Among the first crop of 11 crowdfunding campaigns featured are a kid-geared summer photography project in Logan Square, a fresh food market in Garfield Park and a teen-geared coding training program in Englewood.

(Scroll down to view the Kickstarter videos of the original campaigns featured on Seed Chicago.)

In a statement, Mayor Rahm Emanuel described the Kickstarter page as being in line with "our principal mission to ensure that neighborhood has a bustling economy, cultural and educational anchors, and local jobs so that Chicago can continue to grow and prosper on the world’s stage."

Atlantic Cities points out that added visibility from the city's curated page could help them successfully achieve their seed funding goals at a time when more traditional funding options can be difficult to come by. Other cities, including New York City, Salt Lake City and Portland, Ore., already have similar curated pages.

At HuffPost Chicago, adding visibility to promising crowdfunding campaigns has also been a priority through our ongoing "Can They Kick It?" series, which launched in October 2011. Gapers Block also has a curated Kickstarter page.

If you have a Chicago-based Kickstarter or IndieGoGo project that you'd like to see featured in "Can They Kick It?"? Get in touch at

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Chicago's Featured Kickstarters