Chicago NATO Cyberattack? Anonymous Claims Credit For City, Police Website Crashes

Anonymous Claims Credit For Crashing Police, City Websites

The City of Chicago website and the website for the Chicago Police Department crashed on Sunday amid explosive protests related to the ongoing NATO Summit.

Authorities are investigating allegations that the interruptions could be related to a cyberattack.

“We are aware of the potential issue of the City of Chicago website and are working with the appropriate federal authorities to address the situation,” Office Of Emergency Management and Communications spokesman Pete Scales told CBS Chicago., reportedly a mouthpiece for the hacker collective, posted a video and transcript with a message for the Chicago Police Department:

We are actively engaged in actions against the Chicago Police Deptartment, [sic] and encourage anyone to take up the cause and use the AntiS3curityOPS Anonymous banner. For those able, should be fired upon as much as possible. We are in your harbor Chicago, and you will not forget us.

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