Chicago Olympics Minority Agreement Approved Despite Vocal Opposition

The IOC is no longer in town but the debate over Chicago's Olympic bid rages on.

The City Council approved the Olympic Community Agreement Wednesday, which mandates a certain amount of Olympic-related contracts be set aside for women and minorities and that 30 percent of Olympic Village housing stock gets converted into affordable housing after the Games.

Former Illinois Senate President Emil Jones on Tuesday called the agreement ironed out by community groups and the Chicago Olympic Committee a "slap in the face," the Chicago Defender reports.

"Let me first start off by saying I am for Chicago winning the Olympics. But should the Olympics come here, Blacks would get the short end of the stick," Jones told the Defender.

Dismissing the project labor agreement a "sham" and an insult "to the very individuals and communities it alleges to benefit and protect," Jones blasted its negotiators:

"Those individuals who sat at the table didn't understand the agreement," he said. "If this is the best they can do, then they are poor negotiators."

A debate over the Olympics turned hostile Tuesday night, when supporters and opponents got into a shouting Match, ABC 7 reports:

While 2016 supporters at the meeting welcomed the potential improvements the Games will bring to the Douglas Park neighborhood, opponents argue money can be better spent on improving schools and city services.

DePaul University officials, meanwhile, have offered the school's dorms and athletic fields for athletes' use during the games, the Chi-Town Daily News reports:

DePaul University may rent out some of its dorms for the Olympic games and could even allow use of the athletic fields at its Lincoln Park campus.

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