Chicago 'Places In Time' Film Showcases City's Growth With Awesome Time-Lapse (VIDEO)

Chicago's beauty and unique character never cease to inspire. Photographer and producer Chris Pritchard, who moved out of the city in 2010 after six years of living in the Loop, pays tribute to the city with the first installment of his new film project.

The Second City is the first profiled in Pritchard's new series of urban profiles, "Places in Time." Using footage shot from various perspectives in the city since 2010, "Places in Time: Chicago" is a beautiful time-lapse portrait of some of the city's most meaningful sites.

"Between the world class skyline, lakefront, and park space, downtown Chicago offers scenery and an environment not found anywhere else in the non-coastal USA," Pritchard wrote of the video.

"There are countless vibrant neighborhoods with a dramatic range of uniqueness and character. The city changes and transforms during each of the four seasons, but never ceases to be active and full of life."

As The A.V. Club Chicago points out, the video is certainly downtown-centric, but it still provides a pretty darn beautiful view of some of the city's most picturesque features.