Police: Gunman Killed After Ambushing Officers Near Chicago

July 12 (Reuters) - A man who opened fire on police with a  shotgun was killed as  two officers returned fire at a suburban  Chicago home where two more people were found to have been shot  earlier, one of them fatally, police said.

The two officers, called to the house in a normally quiet,  tree-lined neighborhood in the village of River Forest, just  west of Chicago, were ambushed at the door by the suspect, said  the town's deputy police chief, James O'Shea.

The officers were treated at a nearby hospital for  non-life-threatening injuries. One was struck by a round in his  body armor, O'Shea said.

The gunman, reported by Chicago-area media to be 24 years  old, was killed in the ensuing shootout.

Neighbors told television news outlets they heard 20 to 30  shots fired. One man who lives next door described how he saw  one of officers stumble behind a tree before shooting into the  house following the initial gunshot.

Officers entering the home later found two people who had   apparently been shot by the suspect before police arrived - a  60-year-old man declared dead at the scene and a 59-year-old  woman who survived with gunshot wounds and other unspecified  injuries, O'Shea said.

Chicago-area media reported that the woman, believed to be  the assailant's mother, was hospitalized in critical condition.

There was no word on a possible motive for the violence, and  police declined to immediately release any further information  about the shootings.     (Reporting by Steve Gorman from Los Angeles; Editing by Paul  Tait)

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