Chicago Man Says Police Stormed His Home After He Was Just Walking Down The Street

Chicago Man Says Police Stormed His Home After He Was Just Walking Down The Street

A Chicago man claims he was simply walking down the street on his way home last Friday night when two police officers pulled up and told him to "come here."

When 29-year-old LeRoy Hubbard III ignored them, the officers followed him to his family's home and stormed inside to arrest him in a dramatic scene captured on an iPad by Hubbard's 14-year-old niece. NBC Chicago reported on the incident and featured the video footage (above) on Tuesday.

A police spokesman told The Huffington Post that Hubbard was charged with misdemeanor counts of battery and resisting or obstructing a peace officer, as well as a municipal code violation for the possession of a deadly weapon. Police also said the NBC affiliate's account of an aggravated battery charge was inaccurate but declined to comment further on the incident.

The video shows police getting Hubbard into a chokehold, and an elderly family member falling to the floor while hooked up to a kidney dialysis machine.

The family is alleging misconduct. Hubbard's father claims the police "do this all the time" in Englewood, the South Side neighborhood where he and his family have lived for over a decade.

"They will stop anybody on the street," he told NBC. "They want to get lucky, think they’re going to get lucky, you know, somebody's probably got something."

The incident is similar to the experience of other Chicagoans whose testimonies are included in a new report, released last week, detailing allegations that Chicago police have engaged in "ongoing, pervasive" violence -- including the use of excessive force, stun guns, sexual assault and harassment -- targeting the city's youth of color and the communities they live in.

Representatives of the coalition of activists, calling themselves We Charge Genocide, will present the report to United Nations Committee Against Torture in Switzerland next month.

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